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General Conditions

General Conditions Hire of Bungalows

Domaine Le Boulac
Rue du bois 36
B-6941 IZIER - Durbuy

The general conditions are applicable to the hiring and reserving
of recreation bungalows of Domaine le Boulac


Article 1: Reservations
Domaine Le Boulac only accepts reservations from people aged 18 or over. You can book by telephone, internet or in writing. Domaine Le Boulac confirms the reservation within several days. Reservations via internet are confirmed immediately by e-mail. After receipt of the written confirmation you are requested to check that the details are correct.

If you have not received the confirmation within 7 days you are requested to contact us by telephone 0032-86/400.486 or via e-mail If this is not done your reservation cannot be guaranteed.
Domaine Le Boulac reserves the right to cancel the hiring agreement if the consequences were to be disadvantageous for Domaine le Boulac.

Article 2: Payment
Payment of 25% of the total hire cost is due within 14 days after the reservation is made. The amount payable is stated on the booking confirmation. You can pay by making a bank transfer to NL 57 RABO 0391 6073 32 or BE95 1944 1535 0158 (BIC: CREGBEBB) to the name of Domaine Le Boulac.
The outstanding amount of the total hire becomes due 30 days before arrival.
If you reserve within 30 days of your arrival date, then the full amount is due immediately. Your reservation is only guaranteed after receipt of the full payment.

Article 3: What is included in the rental price
Included in the rental price of each bungalow is:
Hire of the bungalow for the period covered

Cleaning costs

A welcome package
Gas and electricity during certain hiring periods.
Cot and highchair.

Not included in the rent:
tourist tax € 1,00 p.p. per night
bed linen € 7,00 p.p.

If the bungalow is not left in a satisfactory condition the deposit, or a part of it, will be withheld.

Article 4: Pets
In a few of the houses it is permitted to bring one pet. You must request this when you make your reservation.
The cost is € 15,00 per pet for the period of hire.
Pets must be kept on a lead when outside and must not cause any disturbance to other guests..

Article 5: Smoking and the lighting of fires
It is forbidden to smoke in the bungalows. Smoking and the lighting of fires is forbidden in the woodlands. If you or your guests smoke outside would you please make use of the ashtrays provided, in order to prevent pollution of the natural environment? During periods of hot weather or drought the fire service may also forbid the use of barbeques. When this happens it will be announced by the reception.

Article 6: Respect for the surroundings
We assume that you will treat nature, the surroundings and the bungalows with respect. It is forbidden to store goods outside.
It is forbidden to move any of the inventory from one bungalow to another.
You are always responsible as an individual for breakages and/or loss and/or damage to the inventory.
Any damage, loss or breakage should immediately be reported by the hirer to the reception and be paid for on the spot.

Article 7: Arrival and departure times
On the day of arrival can not get there before 18.00 (Friday 20.00), telephone Domaine Le Boulac (0032-86400486). You can then make suitable arrangements.
To enable the bungalow to be cleaned you must vacate the bungalow by 10.30 on the day of departure.

Article 8: Deposit
The bungalow and other facilities on Domaine Le Boulac should be treated by guests with care and in accordance with their intended use. For this reason Domaine LeBoulac charges a deposit of €100 on arrival. After departure the deposit will be refunded within 14 days, after deducting any damage or unpaid costs.

Article 9: Liability
a) Domaine Le Boulac accepts no responsibility for :
Theft, loss or damage, of any kind, during or arising from a stay in one of the bungalows.
Unavailability or failure of technical equipment and cutting off or failure of facilities in the park.

b) The hirer and those who accompany the hirer, are individually responsible for all loss and/or damage To Domaine Le Boulac and/or any third party resulting either directly or indirectly from their stay, regardless of whether this is caused by acts or omissions either by themselves or by third parties that they have caused to be on the park, as well as all damage caused by animals and/or anything else that they have with them.

c) Improper use of the bungalow may give rise to extra costs being charged to you.


Article 10: Cancellations
Cancellations made more than 4weeks before arrival date are liable for 30% of the total rent with a minimum charge of € 150.
Cancellations made 4 weeks or less before arrival date are liable for the total rental amount.
Early departures are liable for the total rental amount. We advise you to take out cancellation insurance.


Article 11: Internal Regulations
You and those accompanying you must abide by the regulations which have been determined by Domaine Le Boulac. You can find these regulations which apply to all rental agreements, in the information folder present in each bungalow. These regulations may also be viewed at the reception or on the website.

Article 12: Complaints
In spite of all efforts taken by Domaine le Boulac it is possible that you have a justifiable complaint. You should raise this complaint on the spot with the park management, in order that the management is given the chance to resolve the problem immediately.


Article 13: Force Majeure
Force majeure on the side of Domaine Le Boulac arises if in fulfilling the contract, in full or in part, whether temporary or not, it is prevented by circumstances beyond the control of Domaine Le Boulac such as war danger, strikes, blockades, fire, bad weather and other malfunctions and events.


Article 14: General Conditions
Your contract is with Domaine Le Boulac, Rue du Bois 36, B-6941 Izier ( Durbuy). (These General Conditions apply to all bookings, made either directly or indirectly with Domaine le Boulac).
We reserve the right to alter the contents of our publications. We are not bound by obvious printing errors.
This replaces all previous publications.



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